Welcome to The Road

The Road is a minecraft server which aims to provide a fun, unique, and ever-evolving experience to old and new minecraft players alike. This is not your average minecraft server, there are no warps or wilderness teleports, Just a road with a nice speed boost. We encourage players to travel the road and build near it. Use our custom land claim plugin to protect your builds and even charge others for access to them. Build a home, a town, or a sprawling city with your own citizens. Crush your opponents physically, economically, or emotionally. It's your call.

mcMMO adds RPG elements to the game with specialized skills that more powerful as you level them up. Be a master alchemist, or a humble woodcutter, just be sure to pay your land taxes!

The Road is an *almost* fully custom server, You won't find many of the commands you're familiar with from other servers, such as /home or /back, but you will find some things you've probably never seen before, like 3x3 Mining Hammers, Custom Hats, ´╗┐Portable Horses, Fly-Time, Custom enchantments, and more.

What are you waiting for? Fire up your minecraft 1.15.2 client and connect to play.theroadmc.com now!